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How does this Subscription Pledge thing work?

It’s quite simple, actually. You just tell us how much you’ll pay for the near-perfect magazine. We don’t collect any money from you. But we need the data, so we can invest to create the near-perfect magazine. Then, by October 1, we will send you an email asking you to redeem your pledge.

We are trying to raise a hundred million naira worth of pledges by July 31st.

What is published in TQM?

We publish three types of content: reported writing, criticism, and fiction.

Our definition of reported writing is content written by a journalist who, in the course of writing, went somewhere and/or spoke to people and/or consulted credible documents. Criticism involves reviews of all kinds, from the personal to the political, to the inanimate. Fiction headlines the magazine’s literary sensibilities.

Is TQM objective?

Our stand is that objectivity is a myth. Everybody has biases. But we are open about ours and strive to be accurate (with facts) and fair (in their presentation).

Does TQM accept advertising?

Yes, because we believe that a mix of sources should fund journalism. However, as much as possible, we ensure that advertisements do not interfere with the user experience.

Does TQM accept donations?

Yes, also because we believe that a mix of sources should fund journalism. You can send us a donation by pledging a subscription. However, if you have a sizeable, tax-deductible donation to make, send a message to [email protected]. It is important to note, though, that our editorial independence will not, in any way, be influenced by donations, and we reserve the right to reject any contribution that we consider inimical to our editorial independence.

Are you APC or PDP?

We are neither. But don’t take our word for it. Subscribe, read the stories we’ve published and tell us what you think.

What are you doing differently?

We do not chase the news cycle. Rather, we intend to publish stories that help you understand what makes the news, what does not and why. Also, we are encouraging readers to participate more in the kind of journalism that they consume.

When will TQM launch?

Our website went live sometime in January 2019. It’s a beta version and, with your help, we will launch the full version on October 1.

Why should I pay for your journalism?

Because good journalism is expensive and it is those who pay who will dictate the kind of content you get. So, by paying, you are demanding journalism that serves your interests. For example, a large proportion of content on the Internet is tailored to grab your attention and nothing more, because advertisers, who want your attention, pay for it. But, by paying for our journalism, your attention is less a product to be sold to the highest bidder.

What will you do with my money?

Run off to Dubai with it? Lol, of course not. We will hire three co-editors, who will commission journalists, writers and designers across the country to create important reporting and criticism across the country. One of TQM’s founding principles is to pay its contributors as well as it is possible. In this spirit, since we launched the beta version, the magazine has paid out more than N200,000 to its contributors.

Is N100 million not too much?

No, because the figure is not random. We thought carefully about the magazine’s operational costs, before arriving at this number. And it’s a start, which you can help us reach.

What are your founding principles?

We have seven of them in total. They include our belief in detail and language, the importance of proper compensation for journalists and the not-so-radical idea that readers should get more involved in how journalism is funded.

I want to write for TQM?

Wow, that’s amazing. Please send an email to [email protected] and share with us what you want to write about

Will your stories just be text-based? Will you do podcasts?

Podcasts are definitely on our wish-list, but we will be focused, for now, on text-based stories supported by data and graphics.

What if I end up not liking the stories you publish?

That would make us so sad. Of course, you can choose not to renew your subscription, but before you do that, please send us a message on what you don’t like. Your comments will definitely push us to be better.

What’s the legal status of TQM?

We are registered as a for-profit company, but with a dividend cap.

Will you have a paywall?

We believe that our work should benefit as much people as possible, which is why we intend to collaborate with other established media to distribute some of them. So, no, we will not have a paywall, in the traditional sense. However, people will have to actively opt-in, by pledging a subscription, to access the magazine, after October 1. ✚

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