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Our Founding Principles

We believe that to be curious is to be alive

Our work is built upon a relentless curiosity about the spaces, the people and the ideas that swirl around us. It is the same quality that drives our journalism to seek answers to difficult questions.

Conscientious reporting is underrated

In a world where information moves at the speed of light, we subscribe to the idea that journalism can be more useful when it is not constrained by daily deadlines.

The reader has to take part

Our journalism is designed to be accountable to those who use it. We believe that one way through which readers can take part is by paying for the journalism they consume.

Creators must be compensated

We do not encourage the writers, illustrators and photographers who work with us to do so for free.

We stand on the tripod of language, context and detail

We extend the boundaries of our journalism to include forms such as essays and fiction, but also borrow from them the descriptive and imaginative power of language, context and detail.

To remain independent and sustainable, revenue sources must be mixed

We strongly believe that a combination of revenue streams – subscriptions, advertising, merchandise marketing, etc – will be the future of independent and sustainable journalism.

Objectivity is a myth

We believe that everybody, including our journalists and editors, have biases. But we are open about ours and strive to be accurate (with facts) and fair (in their presentation). ✚

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