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August Issue

The Question Marker Issue No. 8
The Question Marker Issue No. 8

Last month we made a public call for submissions. Some were great, others not so much. But it filled our hearts with gratitude that people were willing to trust us with their work.

Although the authors published in this issue are not newcomers, there is one exciting exception: Chisom Okwara. I met Chisom earlier this month at a writer’s event. We were introduced by the very generous Caleb Okereke. We barely had time to talk at the event, but I did a google search and was blown away by what I found. Her talent is rare and I have no doubt her star will continue to expand.

Another writer in this issue I’ll like to talk about is Adeosun Adams: this is his second appearance in the magazine and it’s vintage Adeosun, always stretching to illuminate where others might have overlooked. To read him is to be filled with joy. The essay, as a whole, rambles, and I strained, during the editing, to keep it in that shape because its subject defies order.

Unfortunately, I’ll have less time to learn from and work with these extraordinary writers for the next couple of seasons as I am taking a break from the magazine to take up a paid job. I’ll be replaced by the enigmatic Olisa Eloka who probably loves the magazine more than me. Never to worry, your favorite magazine ain’t going away. I haven’t consulted with the rest of the team, but my guess is that the website will stay up with fresh content while the magazine itself is rested. Whatever happens, we’ll keep you informed.

So, I’ll let you enjoy this month’s stories. I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I did.

Solomon Elusoji

August, 2019

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