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October Issue

Cover by Sef Adeola for The Question Marker
Cover by Sef Adeola for The Question Marker

October is the month of Nigeria’s independence. The country turned 59. As others before it, this year’s anniversary leaves one contemplative. The magnitude of the failings of the nation effortlessly comes to you as you rub your mind on the Nigerian condition. Over thirty years ago, Chinua Achebe talked about the “rampant corruption which threatens now to paralyse this country in every sinew and every limb.” That threat is more real than ever. Things are evidently deteriorating at frightening speed. Instead of healing, Nigeria’s sores appear to be deepening. This tenth issue sets out to attend to those sores.

Amongst others, contributors Jude Eke captured for us the significance of the ordeals of the journalist, Fisayo Soyombo, in the hands of the country’s crumbling systems, Alexander Onukwue addressed the noise menace that presently besieges Lagos, Oliva Sose wrote of her challenges as a sex toy vendor in a seemingly conservative society, and Chimezie Chika did a commentary on how the defiance of women was enough to upset the dictate of an insensitive government. We are thankful to Sef Adeola, who took the pictures exclusively for this edition. ✚

Olisa Eloka

October, 2019

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